Back again with another quick review. This time around, we have a statue of DC Superheroine, animal-powered Vixen. Vixen as you may well know has gained popularity of late since her character has shown up twice in the “Arrow-verse”…in the show “Arrow” and currently in DC Legends of Tomorrow (well, I guess her great-grandmother, or something like that).

I knew I had to have this statue in my collection, but every promo shot I have seen was done at a very bad angle. I did not fathom how beautiful this statue was until I opened up the box and did the photo shoot. Sculpted by Sam Greenwell who has worked with DC Collectibles before. Just a quick Google search of the sculptor brings up his previous work and just shows how talented an artist this guy is, and it shows in this statue.

First off, I don’t know if I have ever seen the Vixen characters in braids. And I have to say…I love it. It gives her more of an ethnic identity than previous incarnations which shows her with either short, wavy hair or long, wavy hair.

The outfit is a variation of what I have seen the character in before, but stays true to the source. The animal totem around the neck is also beautifully sculpted and very prominent. If you can draw yourself to look away from the piercing eyes, you notice the fine detail of the sculpting and paint application.

If I have anything negative to say, it would be the height…9″ seems way to small to truly enjoy this statue.  Another three inches would have scaled this statue to a more appropriate size to properly enjoy this work of art.

All-in-all, a beautiful submission by DC Collectibles. They have one or two more in this line I wouldn’t mind getting, but going all-in would be dangerous. Keep in mind that this is a so-called “limited” set, with only 5200 made worldwide…so definitely if you can get your hands on one, I definitely recommend it.


  • D Jones (Oviedo, FL)

    As always, thank you for posting on our history. I love this figure. Like you, I wish it were 12, nope 24 inches. I collect any and every African-American Woman hero. I have wrote and continue to write monthly to the high end toy producers. Yet, our history continues to be marginalized.
    On a positive note, my wife is an associate dean at Saint Leo University just outside of Tampa Bay, Florida. This year for black history month it is solely dedicated to Black Super Heros and Black Science fiction. I am loaning my collection. Very nervous about that. If, or when I get pictures I will send. The students are manning several booths, and costumes are highly encouraged. For a super geeky nerd like myself, there is nothing more cool than this.

    • thamenacing1

      Hey D.,
      Yeah, this statue quickly became one of my favorites. I wish we could get more on this front and hope pvc statue makers like Diamond or Kotobukiya follow suit on Marvel Women of Color. Not every statue has to be “Storm”…I think Marvel has more of a selection than DC does.

      Anyway, I would love to see the display!! I can even feature them on here. That was pretty brave loaning out your collection and I’m not sure if I could do the same, but I’m sure that your wife and her students will take good care of them.

      We still have to have that meet up! Hopefully me and the fam will be planning a Florida trip soon…I’ll let you know!

  • D Jones (Oviedo, FL)

    Cool. if you give me exactly how to send to you I will have my wife give to the Public Relations department and have them send pictures and any stories or captions from the event.