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Review: Action Toys 1/6 Scale Captain Steven Hiller (from “Independence Day”)

  The search continues as I further my quest to find a good action figure representation of Will Smith. This time around, we have Captain Steven Hiller as portrayed by Will Smith in the 1996 classic, Independence Day. Over twenty years later and I really hope we have progressed from the crap they tried to sell to us back then (seen over to... Read more →

2016 Black Action Figure of the Year Goes To…

  My pick for the coveted 2016 "Black Action Figure of the Year" goes to... Hasbro's Marvel Legends Series Black Panther from the "Captain America: Civil War" Movie Hasbro has had a busy year. They have put out close to 90 Marvel Legends 6" figures. They have diversified their selection of Black Action Figures from normally obscure... Read more →
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Review: Subway Toys 1/6th Scale Survivor (“I Am Legend” Will Smith)

  Well if you didn't know by now, I'm now on a Will Smith themed review binge (don't worry, I still have one or two War Machine reviews down the road, but I like to mix it up some). This time around we have Robert Neville played by Will Smith from the movie "I Am Legend."  Or what we actually have is a "random" Survivor figure from the... Read more →
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Review: Mattel DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Deadshot (12″)

  Happy New Year! Starting the year off strong with another review. A few months ago, I reviewed the Mattel Deadshot 6" action figure before the movie (see here). To put it bluntly, I was not impressed. It what seemed to be the bare minimum, Mattel gave us a bland, almost sadly gratuitous action figure to go with the substandard, and... Read more →
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Review: Hot Toys [Bootleg] 1/6 Scale Blade (from Blade II)

  I remember when I purchased my first Hot Toys action figure, which coincidentally was the only figure I have given a perfect score on here - the Avengers Nick Fury (actor Samuel L. Jackson). I remember how exciting and new it was to enter into the realm of high end collecting. I wanted to keep getting that feeling and searched for more.... Read more →
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Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends Series (6″) War Machine Mk II (from Avengers: Age of Ultron)

  Back again with another War Machine review. This time around we have the Marvel Legends War Machine Mark II from Avengers: Age of Ultron. How does this one compare to the Marvel Select War Machine Mark II that I reviewed a few weeks ago? And does it really make sense to own so many damn War Machine action figures? Check out the... Read more →

Movie Review: Doctor Strange (***SPOILERS***)

You should know by now that I don't do a movie review without putting in a whole bunch of spoilers and ranting about them, so you are now warned. Don't read any further. F'real. Don't come bitchin' to me about me ruining the movie for you before you get a chance to watch it. Let me just say right off, this movie was good. It had that... Read more →
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Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends Series (6″) Karl Mordo (from Doctor Strange movie)

  We have quickly reached November 4, 2016 and with it comes a new Marvel movie, Doctor Strange, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe best known for the Iron Man, Captain America, and Avengers movies. And of course with new movies we get...more stuff we feel compelled to collect. Just kidding...sort of. Of course we get new action figures... Read more →